If you are a fan of World War 2 collections, then this WW2 Japan Army Aluminum Tin would be of great interest to you and makes an excellent addition to your collection as well. You can even use it as your regular lunch box and take it your school and surprise your friends with this extraordinary showpiece that reminds of the war to a large extent.

Not many objects remind us of the World War II and these aluminum tin cans will make us instantly remember the hardships faced by thousands of US soldiers. While other country ration tins were vertical, the US army aluminum tin cans were flat and oval in shape. These aluminum tin cans were a vital thing in the World War 2 as these small tins enabled the soldiers to carry some food along with them while out there in the battlefield.

Before tin cans were used in the world war, glass jars were used and since they broke down quickly people involved in the war looked for alternate things and that is when aluminum tin cans were used as they can be recycled and is also available in abundance.  The WWII US army aluminum tin cans were made using top grade aluminum and can store a maximum of 2.5 liters of food items in it. Unlike other cheap aluminum tin cans available in the market, these are odourless and healthy. Since these are dishwasher safe, cleaning these lunch storage boxes is pretty much simple as well. These tin cans can also be used as storage containers and can be refrigerated as well. These world war 2 US army aluminum tins can be an great addition to your world war collection

WW2 US Aluminium Tin Highlights

  • Capacity of 2.5 liters
  • Made using top quality aluminum
  • Completely dishwasher safe
  • 100% leak proof


About 300g


1 L


18 * 15 * 6 cm



Aluminium Alloy



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